How to fix: Missing required Field: updated


Currently I am running the free version of the Evolve Theme from  Theme4Press on this site. Sadly they did not fix with the latest update the error “Missing required Field updated” you receive in the Google Webmastertools .

Therefor I went through the source code of this theme and want to share with you how to fix it on your own. The fix shown works with very theme in WordPress, although files, line numbers and amount of lines to fix might be different. But in general its always the same.

Reason for this error message:

Google Webmastertools and therefore the Google search engine can not find when an article or post has been updated. That is kinda bad for pages that are some years old but receive constant updates. Google does not know how old and updated a page is. Very bad for your Google ranking.

How to fix “Missing required Field updated”:

Every theme uses one or more files that includes the below code:


On this position it will be defined whan a page or post was published.

You need to add the below code directly after the closing arrow:

php the_time(‘Y-m-d\TH\:i\:sp’); ?>” pubdate>

These defines when the page has been updated.

A complete line in your theme could look like this:

php the_permalink() ?>”><span class=”published”>php the_time(‘Y-m-d\TH\:i\:sp’); ?>” pubdate>php the_time(get_option(‘date_format’)); ?>

If you want it easy open the files with a text editor of you choice and search for “span class=”published””.

In the current version of the Evolve theme you need to fix it in 2 files and altogether 6 lines.

file line number
content-blog.php 95 and 260
index.php 96;239;451 and 691

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